Maintenance allowance

The rules on maintenance and maintenance liability are found in the Parental Code (föräldrabalken). This states that parents have joint financial responsibility for their children. If the child lives an equal amount of time with both parents, they normally share the costs of the child (when each parent takes responsibility for his/her accommodation week). If the child only lives with one of the parents, the other parent as a rule, is liable to pay maintenance allowance (Underhållsstöd).

Normally the maintenance allowance is paid to the resident parent once a month. The size of the maintenance allowance depends on the individual child's needs and the parents' financial situation. The maintenance obligation applies until the child completed his/her secondary education, but not beyond the child's 21st birthday.

When determining the maintenance allowance, the child's financial needs are to be determined, how much does the child cost each month. The financial requirements include costs for leisure activities, child care, bus passes and any medications or other specific costs. Costs for food, accommodation and personal care are often defined according to a fixed rate depending on the age of the child.

When the child's financial needs have been calculated the cost shall be divided between the parents according to their economic situation. Each parents' economic surplus should therefore be calculated. The surplus is the parents income after deductions for housing costs, taxes and own living expenses. How much of the child's needs a parent shall pay depends on the proportion of the parents' combined income.

A model for the calculation of child support can be found on the Försäkringskassan website. However, this is only one way to calculate child support and do not always take into account all the circumstances that may be relevant in the specific case. Another way is to take the help of a lawyer who works with maintenance issues to get an estimate on the current situation.

Parents may, if they agree on an amount, establish an agreement. It is important that it is clear where the amount is to be paid, when, to whom and for how long it should be paid. To ensure the enforcement of this Agreement, the Agreement may be witnessed. To make sure that the agreement is correct it advised to enlist the help of a lawyer.

If the parents cannot agree on an amount, the parent who has the child living with him/her is entitled to apply to the district court for a lawsuit.

Maintenance allowance (Underhållsbidrag) should not be confused with maintenance support (Underhållsstöd). Maintenance support is something that the accommodation parent can apply for at Försäkringskassan when the other parent does not pay child support as agreed, or, as the District Court determined. Maintenance support is 1273 SEK per child and month. Försäkringskassan can then demand repayment from the debtor parent. However, it is important to remember that the amount does not take into account the individual child's situation and needs, it is a flat rate same for all.

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