Permanent employment

An employment for an indefinite period, or as it is commonly known; a permanent employment (fast anställning), is the best protected form of employment. In order to terminate such an employment the employer needs to show reasonable cause. If the form of employment has not explicitly been agreed upon between the employer and the employee it is presumed to a permanent employment. The employer needs to notify the employer that the employment is for a limited period at latest at the first day of employment. The employer can not change the form of employment to a less favorable form during the period of the employment. Furthermore the burden of proof for claims that the employment is for a limited period lies on the employer in a dispute. If the employer can not back up his claims of a limited period of employment through witnesses or a contract the employment is a permanent employment.

Please note that even though it has been agreed upon that the employment should be for a limited period of time it still needs to be in line with LAS and collective agreements if such are in place.

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