Employment for a limited period of time, fixed term contracts 

An employment contract is considered to be a permanent employment unless otherwise is agreed upon. Employment for a limited period of time or fixed term contracts are regulated in the employment protection act (LAS). There are four different kinds of employments limited to a period of time which are allowed according to the law: 

- general fixed term contracts (allmän visstidsanställning)
- seasonal work (säsongsarbete)
- temporary positions (vikariat)
- if the employee is 67 years of age or more.

A fixed term contract ends at the end of the term, and in general there is no period of notice. If the employment has lasted for more than 12 months the employer shall leave a notice that the contract will not be renewed one month before the end of the term. In some cases the employer is required to notify the employee that the contract will not be renewed. If the employer does not give such notice within the given time the employment is not renewed, but compensation may be owed.

If your contract say that your employment starts a certain date and ends a certain date the employment is not terminable for either party. If it says it starts a certain date and for an indefinite period of time, but ends at the latest a certain date the contract is terminable. The employer requires reasonable grounds for termination. In some cases agreeing that such grounds for termination is not needed has been accepted in court.

If the parties have not agreed upon the specifics of terminating a fixed term contract before the end of the term the possibilities are limited. A fixed term employment contract can be terminated if the employee is grossly negligent or in non-compliance with the contract. To not pay salaries could be grounds for the employee for terminating the contract before the end of the term.

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