Cohabitation Agreement (Samboavtal)

Two people who live together in a partnership and have a common household is by swedish law called cohabitants (sambo). Cohabitation ends when one of the cohabitants gets married, dies or if the cohabitees separate. Cohabitation should also be considered as terminated if one of the cohabitants apply for a division executor (bodelningsförättare) or an entitlement to dwell in the apartment (kvarsittningsrätt). When a cohabiting relationship ends, a division of joint property (samboegendom) is to be made. The joint property consists of the cohabitees common home and household goods if it has been acquired for joint use. This applies regardless of who paid for the property.

Cohabitants (Sambos) can draw up an agreement, called a cohabitation agreement (samboavtal), which governs what should apply in the event of separation.
In a cohabitation agreement, cohabitation law rules can be disclaimed and property which normally should be considered joint property can be rewritten to be separate property. The separate property is not included in the division of property.
A Cohabitation Agreement can be designed any way you want and it does not need to be registered with the tax authorities to be valid.

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