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How do I apply for legal aid? (rättshjälp)
Legal aid applications are handled by the National Legal Aid Authority (rättshjälpsmyndigheten). The prerequisite for getting legal aid is that you earn less than 260.000 SEK per year. An extra 15.000 is added per child, so if you have one child the limit is 275.000 etc. Examples of cases eligible for legal aid are custody- or visitation disputes (primarily covered by legal assistance insurance if such a policy is in place), employment disputes, disputes worth more than half a price base amount (prisbasbelopp) (primarily covered by legal assistance insurance). Please note that in disputes where a legal assistance insurance policy is in place, such assistance is always the first option.

How do I apply for legal assistance? (rättskydd)
Legal assistance is applied for from your home insurance policy through your legal counsel. The legal assistance usually cover about 80% of the costs related to the dispute. Examples of disputes covered by legal assistance are diputes regarding more than half a price base amount (approximately 22 500 SEK) and custody- and visitation disputes (if you have been separated for at least two years). Examples of disputes not covered by legal assistance are estate divisions, small claims (disputes regarding less than 22.500 SEK), employment disputes and public law disputes such as appealing decisions made by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (försäkringskassan). We recommend that you ask your insurance company about the specifics of the legal assistance in your home insurance policy!

I have received an invoice that is incorrect, how to I challenge the invoice?
First off you should challenge the invoice/claim in writing by regular or electronic mail. Make sure to keep a copy so you have proof that the invoice/claim has been challenged and when it was challenged. Clearly state the reasons for challenging the invoice/claim.
Blog post (in Swedish): How to challenge an invoice/financial claim.

I am about to purchase a car from a private citizen, can I rescind the purchase if I discover an error?
When transactions are made between private citizens the goods are bought “As is”. This means that it is wise to inspect the goods thoroughly when purchasing. If you discover that something is not as agreed upon when purchasing the car you may have a right to demand compensation or rescind from the purchase, if you can prove that the seller knowingly withheld information.

What is a “small claims dispute”? (Småmål)
A small claims dispute is a dispute where what is being disputed is worth less than half a price base amount (approximately 22.500 SEK). In a small claims dispute there are no possibilities to file for legal assistance or legal aid, which means you are going to have to cover the expenses for a lawyer on your own if you feel you want to hire one.

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