About "Juristjouren"

Since contacting a lawyer has always been a big step for most people “Juristjouren” was created in 2004. The purpose was to make law more accessible and less dramatic to the average person. In order to achieve this goal we started giving free legal advice via the hotline. The hotline came to become our trademark and is still immensely appreciated. Today thousands of people call Juristjouren for advice every month.

A lot of people wonder if it really is free of charge to call Juristjouren and ask questions. It is, it does not cost anything apart from your regular carrier fees. We are able to offer this service since we choose not to market ourselves in papers, on TV, on the metro, trains and busses etc.

Our advisors have, after over ten years of answering tens of thousands legal questions, heard it all. They have a good grip of most of the questions that are asked and know how we can best help you.

Juristjouren is run by Stance Juristbyrå. The lawyers at Stance Juristbyrå are able to step in and help when the assistance we can offer you within the frame of the free advice hotline does not suffice. Appointments with any of these lawyers can be booked by the advisors from Jouristjouren on your request. Juristjouren is located in the same premises as Stance Juristbyrå at Tegnérgatan 15 in Stockholm.

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