If you cannot agree

Collaborative conversation (Samarbetssamtal)
Parents who find it difficult to agree about the child's lifesituation can get help from the Family Court (Familjerätten). The Family Court may organize a so-called collaborative conversation where you get help to reach an agreement regarding custody, residence and contact. They can also help you write a contract in accordance with your agreement. If approved by the Socialnämnden it is legally binding, in the same way as a verdict of the district court. Collaborative conversations are free of charge.

Extrajudicial negotiation with the help of legal counsel
If collaborative conversations is not something you want or if they do not lead to any agreement you should contact a lawyer for advice.

The lawyer can then contact the other party and propose a suggestion for a solution. Parents can then, with the help of lawyers, have a discussion to try to reach a solution. The lawyers may also help you establish an agreement in accordance with the solution reached.

Custody Process
If an extrajudicial settlement cannot be reached, with or without an lawyer, you can apply for a lawsuit in district court. Learn more about how the custody process works here.

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