Criminal justice and criminal law

The police 114 14: if you would like to report a crime or have questions regarding crimes. Read more at

The Swedish Bar Association (Advokatsamfundet) 08-459 03 00: if you have questions regarding the work of a lawyer or want advice about hiring a lawyer. Read more here.

Consumer law

The local consumer adviser (konsumentvägledare) : Counselling for you as a consumer, go to the webpage of your municipality (kommun) for contact information.

The Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket) 0771-42 33 00: if you need advice and counselling regarding consumers rights. Read more here

The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) 08-508 560 00: if you are not satisfied with a product or services provided by a company. Read more here

The Swedish Telecom Advisors 08-522 767 00: provide impartial help to consumers regarding contracts for TV, phone- and internet-services. Read more here (In Swedish)

Migration law

The Swedish Migration Board 0771-235 235: If you have questions regarding residency/asylum/visas etc.
Read more here

Tenancy law

The Regional Rent Tribunal: if you have a conflict with your landlord. Contact the Rent tribunal appointed to the geographical area you belong. Read more here


The Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) 010-788 50 00: if you for instance are the subject of a malpractice in a hospital. Read more here

Complaints with public authorities

The Parliamentary Ombudsman (JO) 08-786 51 00, monitor the public authorities to make sure that the public authorities and their staff comply with the law and other statutes governing their actions – especially the laws regarding civil rights. Read more here.

The Swedish Enforcement Agency (Kronofogden)

If you want to file for an order to pay, assistance (handräckning) or eviction you can contact the Swedish Enforcement Agency at 0771-73 73 00. Read more here.


The Swedish Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau and The Swedish Consumers' Insurance Bureau provide consumers neutral information and guidance with regard to financial services. All information and guidance is free of charge. Read more here. (In Swedish)

Help and support

Children’s rights in society (Bris) 116 111: Support hotline for children in need of help. Read more here.
Bris 0771-50 50 50: Support hotline for adults with questions regarding children. Read more here.

The national help-line 020-22 00 60: offers psychological help and counselling to people in need.
Read more here.

Jourhavande medmänniska 08-702 16 80: offers support for anyone in need of someone to talk to. Read more here. (In Swedish)

Kvinnofridslinjen 020-50 50 50: national helpline for women in need of help and support. Read more here.

Victim Support Sweden 0200-21 20 19: offers support for victims of crime. Read more here.

Students rights

Swedish Higher Education authority (UKÄ) deal with educational quality and degree-awarding powers. They also monitor students-rights and other legal issues regarding higher education in Sweden. Read more here

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