Family law

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Custody (Vårdnad) - who has the right to make certain decisions in a child's life, such as the choice of school, choice of medical care, etc.
The accommodation (Boende) – where should the child mainly stay.
Access to child (Umgänge) - how should the allocation of time with the kids be divided between the parents?
Maintenance (Underhåll) - a parent's obligation to support his/her child/children. Here we explain when a maintenance may be at hand and what the terms underhållsstöd and underhållsbidrag means.
Application for sole custody (Ansökan om enskild vårdnad) - how does it work?
Custody Process (Vårdnadstvist) - how does a custody process work?

Division of property between spouses - explains how the principles of division of property works both during marriage and after divorce.
Division of property between cohabiting - explains how the principles of division of property works when two cohabitants (sambos) separate

Under the headings prenuptial agreement and cohabitation agreement you can read about when it may be appropriate to establish a marital or cohabitation agreement and how to do so.

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