Estate inventory

Estate and the co-owner of an estate

When someone dies an estate (dödsbo) is formed. The estate is a so-called legal person who enters into the deceased's place. The estate is represented jointly by the co-owners (dödsbodelägare). Estate owners are those who inherit the deceased according to law and any universal legatee (ie someone who inherits all the deceased's estate or a specific part, eg ¼ of the estate under the will).

Examining the assets and liabilities etc.

An initial job is to search through the deceased's papers to obtain information about the deceased's economy. Most information can often be obtained through a contact with the deceased's bank. The bank may also issue a certificate of the deceased's assets in accounts, brokerage accounts, safe deposit boxes or similar. The bank can also provide information on any loans the deceased had. It may also be a good thing to go through any insurance that may arise in connection with the death.

The estate inventory´s content

For each estate, an estate inventory is to be established. The estate inventory is an inventory of all assets and liabilities that the deceased had on the day of death. If a division of property between spouses also is at hand (if the deceased was married at the time of death), the surviving spouse's assets and liabilities are also to be recorded in the estate inventory.

The estate inventory also shows who the partners, or co-owners, of the estate (Dödsbodelägare) are. All the owners of the estate are to be called for the estate inventory meeting. It is an important task as co-owners with the support of the estate inventory can represent the estate in different situations. For example selling assets of the estate. Without authorization from the other co-owners an estate partner cannot transfer the deceased's estate. Such an agreement is invalid.

In the inventory, in addition to the above, the presence of a will or prenuptial agreement is noticed. If the deceased's spouse already has died, the estate inventory after him/her shall also be submitted along with the inventory of the now deceased.

An estate inventory shall generally be established within three months of the death and within a month thereafter be submitted to Skatteverket for registration. Anyone can establish the estate inventory, there are no requirements that a lawyer must do it. However, we recommend that professional help is always engaged.

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