Residential law

Residential law is an umbrella term for the areas of law dealing with the homes of people. Within this area we find real estate law, tenancy law, co-operative apartments, association law (in the extent that it relates to co-operative apartments and co-operative housing associations), consumer contracts and the law regarding selling and buying real estate and apartments.

Within residential law the following items are a common source of questions:
• The terms of the sale contract
• Obscured flaws in a co-operative apartment
• Obscured flaws in real estate
• Due diligence when buying a home
• Hiring contractors and dealing with issues with contractors
• Building permits 
• Notice of removal
• Transferring of tenancy agreement to next of kin
• Disputes between co-operative housing association and members of the association
• Delimitation between outer and inner maintenance in a co-operative housing association etc.

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