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Proberty law

I’ve bought an apartment (bostadsrätt), when do I have to notify the sellers if I find something that is wrong?
If you find something wrong in your newly bought apartment you need to notify the sellers within reasonable time. If such notice has not been made within reasonable time you might forfeit the right to hold the seller responsible. The right to hold the seller responsible for faults in the apartment is limited to two years after the purchase.

Will I need to get permission from the board of my co-operative housing association (bostadsrättsförening) in order to renovate my apartment?
Without permission from the board a member is not allowed to proceed with renovations that affect supporting structures, makes changes in current plumbing, heating, gas, or water, or changes of importance otherwise made to the apartment. It is usually not complicated to identify the structures or piping mentioned. What constitutes a “change of importance” is a more complicated matter. To move walls that are not of structural importance, change floors, or put up blinds are typically procedures which does not constitute such a change. However to list every change that may require permission from the board of the housing co-operation is near impossible.

Can I be denied permission from the board?
Yes, if the planned renovation may cause significant damage or palpable inconvenience for the housing co-operation. If you chose to go through with the renovation despite being denied by the board the actual possibilities for the board to stop you or make you restore the apartment are limited. In practice the board have no ways of keeping you from renovating as long as the renovations are within what can be considered normal.

What constitutes a hidden/candid error in real estate?
Errors that the buyer should have discovered during an investigation of the real estate, with regards to the condition of the real estate and comparable properties, are not hidden. Hidden errors are often associated to parts of a property which can not be inspected by simply looking at them. Such errors might be, compromised watertight barrier, leaking pipes, mold etc.

How extensive is the obligation to investigate a property when purchasing?
When purchasing a property you are expected to inspect the property, usually with the help of a professional surveyor. The obligation to investigate pertains to all parts of the property that are available for an ocular inspection. It should be noted that a professional surveyor does not always perform an inspection as substantial as the one expected from a purchasing party.

I hired contractors to renovate my bathroom, but the renovation is not done according to standards – what should I do?
First off you should contact the contractor as soon as possible and notify them of the problem. Offer them an opportunity to immediately remedy the faults. If the contractor does not agree to remedy the faults you can make claims of compensation towards the contractor, calculated from the costs for remedying the faults and errors.

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