Division of property between spouses

A division of property is a financial arrangement between spouses made in connection to the divorce. The day of the application for divorce is the breaking point (brytdag) and it is from that day that the valuation of assets and liabilities will occur. The first step is to make a division of property calculation where each party's assets and liabilities are accounted for. The general rule is that the assets are divided equally between the spouses, but the spouses are free to agree on an alternative solution that suits them. All marital property, assets minus liabilities, which are not private property by a prenuptial agreement, a will or a deed of gift is to be divided.

When spouses agree on how the assets should be divided a written property division agreement is made. The division of marital property agreement shows the division of the assets, what happens to the common dwelling and debt. A division of marital property agreement constitutes evidence that the couple's financial dealings has ceased.

A division of property can also be done during the marriage. The spouses own their own property and are responsible for their own debts in a marriage. If you wish to alter the ownership of assets during the marriage this may be done by a division of property during marriage.
A division of marital property agreement must be registered with the tax authorities to be valid.

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