Childs residence

The child's residence is the place where the child primarily lives. This is not the same as custody of the child. A child, for which the parents have joint custody, can live alternately with the parents or more with one of them and spend time with the other parent on particular periods. How the child's residence is divided by the parents depends entirely on the individual child's situation and may vary from family to family. It is influenced by how parents' living situation is and the parents ability to cooperate.

If parents have difficulty agreeing on the child's residence a good idea is to start with getting together for a collaborative conversation (Samarbetssamtal) at the social services (Socialtjänsten) to see if it is possible to reach an agreement by means of counseling. Each parent can also turn to the district court and apply for a lawsuit in case parents cannot find a common solution. Before a lawsuit is made it is advised that you contact a lawyer for help.

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