Inheritance law

Inheritance law concerns legal issues surrounding a person’s death. This includes will (testamente), estate inventory (bouppteckning) and distribution of an estate (arvsskifte).

Within inheritance law, the following terms are important to understand.

The estate consists of the deceased's assets and liabilities and is managed by the party to the estate (eg, surviving spouse, children). The administration can consist of selling securities, close bank accounts and selling real estate.

An estate inventory is a list of a deceased person's assets and liabilities. The estate inventory shall be prepared and submitted to Skatteverket within three months from the date of death.

A distribution of an estate refers to the distribution of assets of the estate. This document must be signed by all parties who will inherit.

A will is a document which determines how your assets will be distributed after you passed away, that is, who should inherit you. A will must be witnessed by two persons to be valid.

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