Distribution of an estate

When the estate inventory is registered all that remains is the actual distribution of the deceased's assets.

Division of marital property agreements

If the deceased was married or cohabiting a division of property between the estate and the surviving husband / wife / cohabitant is to be made. This Agreement regulates the distribution of property between the estate and the surviving person. However, it is common that this is not done when the deceased was married, and there are only children within the marriage. The surviving spouse usually inherits the entire estate and an agreement is generally not needed. For practical reasons in these situations, division of marital property agreements and distribution of the estate is drawn in the same document.

Distribution of the estate

In order to distribute the deceased's assets among several estate co-owners a distribution of estate (Arvsskifte) is required. This is a document which indicates to whom the property shall be distributed. A distribution of estate shall be in writing and signed by each co-owner of the estate.

The estate inventory along with distribution of estate documents are the documents required to execute a proper distribution of the deceased's estate and provides evidence that the co-owners agree on who should receive certain property. This means that if there are bank deposits it is required that the heir comes in to the bank with both documents to transfer money to another account. If it is a condominium or property that is to be distributed it is also required that both these documents are sent to the Association (bostadsrättsföreningen) or Lantmäteriet.

Estate distribution is not needed if there is only one estate partner (so-called single-estate). Then the registered estate inventory is enough for the transfer of assets.

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