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I want to write a will, what do I need to consider?
A will needs to be attested by two witnesses. The witnesses can not be relative to the testator (the person writing the will) and can’t be mentioned in or otherwise affected by the will. If you do not have any children you are free to testate bequeath your property to whomever you want. If you do have children only half of your property is free to dispose of freely in a will.
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What is a statutory share of inheritance (laglott)?
A statutory share of inheritance (laglott) is the absolute right for a child to inherit their parent. The statutory share of inheritance is limited to half of the deceased parents estate, which is then divided amongst the children. 50 % if there is only one child, 25 % per child if there are two children etc. children of the deceased person from a previous marriage (särkullbarn) have the right to claim their share of the inheritance immediately while the direct heirs (bröstarvingar) will have to wait until both parents have passed.
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What is an estate inventory and who is responsible for making one?
An estate inventory is an inventory of the deceased persons assets and debts. An estate inventory shall be made and submitted to the Swedish Tax Agency no later than three (3) months after the death. It is the parties to an estate who are responsible for making an estate inventory.
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What is a distribution of estate?
A distribution of estate is an agreement in which the belongings and assets of the deceased are distributed among the parties to the estate. After a division of property has been made (if the deceased was married or in a cohabitation-relationship), and all the debts have been paid, the remaining assets can be distributed among the parties of the estate. All of the parties to the estate need to sign an agreement which states that a distribution assets has been made.

What if there are no assets in the estate? (Dödsboanmälan) 
If there are no assets in the estate it is possible to have the municipality assume responsibility for the estate and cover the funeral costs. In this situation the parties to the estate are not required to make and submit an inventory of the estate to the Swedish Tax Agency (skatteverket).
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