Employment Law

Employment law includes the laws and regulations governing the relationship between workers and employers. The Employment Protection Act (LAS) is the main collection of rules for employer and employee rights and responsibilities. For workers in the public service the Public Employment Act (LOA) also applies. In many cases, there are also industry-specific collective bargaining agreements (kollektivavtal) that take into account in conflict with the employee / employer.

Termination or notice to quit can be given either due to redundancy, which is the most common form, or due to personal reasons. In some cases it may also be possible with a direct dismissal.

A wage claim is made by an employee against his/her employer if the latter has not paid salary as agreed. If the employer does not pay wages on the agreed upon date that may also constitute a breach of contract.

In employment law there are tight deadlines for when you need to act. Below are explained in more detail which limitation periods are applicable if you wish to dispute a dismissal or seek damages for unfair dismissal.

Information on various forms of employment in Sweden are found in the links on the left.

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