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Employment law

I have not gotten a written employment contract. Can I demand one from my employer?
The employer is required to provide written information about every condition of importance in the employment contract to you within a month. If the employment is shorter than three weeks, the employer is not required to provide such written information.
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I have been wrongfully terminated, what are my options?
First off you should examine whether the employer has complied with the rules about termination in the Employment Protection Act (Lagen om anställningsskydd, LAS). If you want to contest the termination with the intent of staying employed you have to submit a written contestation within two weeks. The reason for contesting a termination can be for instance, fictitious labor shortage, the employer has not examined the possibilities of finding another position for you, or that the order of termination established in the Employment Protection Act has been compromised or circumvented. The employer might have terminated you for personal reasons without offering you severance pay. If you want to make claims for damages this has to be made within four (4) months of the termination.
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I was terminated after 3 years of employment, how long is the period of notice?
You are entitled to a period of notice no less than two months if the total time of employment is between two and four years. The rules about period of notice can be found in the 11 § of the Employment Protection Act (Lagen om anställningsskydd, LAS).
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The Employment Protection Act (Lagen om anställningsskydd, LAS)
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My employer has not paid me my salary, how do I proceed?
Not paying salaries on the agreed date is a breach of contract. All relevant circumstances should be considered when making claims for salaries. It is usually required to be more than a day or two for it to be considered a breach of contract.
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How many days off from work am I entitled to?
An employee is always entitled to days off from work. According to the Annual Leave Act (Semesterlagen) you are entitled to 25 days off during a “holiday-year” (semesterår). The “holiday-year” runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of March. Even if you have not earned your holidays yet you are entitled to 25 days of unpaid leave. It is possible to combine unpaid and paid leave. You are not required to take out unpaid leave if you do not wish to do so, the employer can’t make you.
If the employment is started after the 31st of August during the “holiday-year”, you are only entitled to five days leave during the running “holiday-year”.
The annual leave act(semesterlagen)

How many days of paid annual leave am I entitled to?
The Annual Leave Act, previously mentioned, sets a minimum standard of 25 days of annual leave. How many of those that are paid vacation days depends on the employees presence at work during the qualifying year. The qualifying year runs from 1st of April to the 31st of March. After the 31st of March you are able to go on paid leave that you earnt during the previous period.
The amount of paid days of leave you are entitled to is calculated like this:
Days of employment / 365 * days of leave in the employment contract.
Example: If you have been employed since the 3rd of September 2013 you will have 210 days of employment by the 31st of March 2014. If your employment contract entitles you to 25 days of paid leave the formula is 210/365*25

The amount of paid days of leave is always rounded up to the nearest integer. In the above example you would have earned 15 days of paid leave. An employment contract may deviate from the law in favor of the employee, but the law sets the minimum standard.
The annual leave act(semesterlagen)

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