Hiring of contractors, payments and claims etc. due to deficiencies in delivered services.

Hiring contractors

Most property- and apartment owners are insecure when hiring contractors. It is often a matter of substantial amounts of money and a considerable inconvenience in the home environment. The consequences of bad craftsmanship can be both costly and time consuming. Poorly done renovations can become a weight on your shoulders and affect the positive feelings you might have had when you first bought your home. Because of this it is very important to perform a thorough investigation of the history of the contractors you are considering hiring.

The purchaser of services should not let price be the only deciding factor when looking for a contractor. It can be equally important to know that the contractors are not involved in any court proceedings, that the company do not have tax debts, that the owners have not previously gone through bankruptcy etc. Furthermore the contractor should be asked for references. These references should be contacted. As well as the quality of the craftsmanship you should also make sure the contractor handle complaints in a satisfying manner. Since few contracted services are made exactly as the purchaser intended it is important to know how the contractor handle complaints and that he/she have the ambition of making the customer satisfied.


The purchaser should never pay the contractor before the service has been approved. Many house- and apartment owners have been cheated by contractors who, after accepting large sums of payment in advance, files for bankruptcy without performing in regards to the customers.

Claims of compensation

The purchaser should continuously inspect the contractors work. If the purchaser lacks the competence to do so himself he can hire a surveyor (besiktningsman) to make sure the work is up to standards. If the service is flawed in any way the purchaser should inform the contractor. As compensation for the faulty service the purchaser can withhold parts of the payment, demand that the flaws are remedied or that a refund is made. Lastly the contract can be annulled. A purchaser who is displeased with his contractor is recommended to immediately contact a lawyer to find out what compensation is possible and reasonable.

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